Amid struggling with his addictions, former Marine officer Andrew St George goes AWOL from his rich family and lavish lifestyle. He appears months later in Miami with one intent; convince his friend, Emilio Cortez, to start a Private Military Company with him. Having left the Corps after his brother was killed in a drive-by, Emilio’s been stuck working three shit jobs to support his extended family, all of whom he lives with in a small apartment. 

​While Andrew and Emilio enter into the security business looking for an escape from their civilian lives, both struggle with their demons. From the slums of Miami, the glitzy South Beach nightlife, and to Cartel controlled Mexico, the boys will learn that despite their best intentions, no one job is the same and that there are battles to be fought outside of war zones.
A Wolf On the Loose is a weekly adventure/thriller e-serial inspired by the structure of TV-shows and coupled with modern day internet habits. 

What you can expect:

  • Action (you betcha!)
  • Expletives (don't read it aloud at the dinner table)
  • Sex scenes (this isn't a bodice ripper, but as a heads up it's in there)
  • Quirky characters
  • Love interests
  • Verisimilitude - Bottom line: the story takes place in our world, referring to real events and places

Every week is a new adventure. Each part takes roughly 20-30 minutes to read, allowing for a busy adult to fit it into their week.

In AWOTL, it is the that characters the drive the story. Andrew and Emilio are not out there to defuse a bomb on a runaway train heading straight to D.C. They are not Navy SEALS. They are just two former Marines looking to get back in the game.

There are 35 parts, that make up 5 episodes. Each episode deals with a specific plot arc, and each arc adds to the season's main arc. The plan is for multiple seasons, each with their own stand-alone plots, that build towards the series's main arch.