Q) I've heard serials are just hacked up books authors couldn't get published. Is this true?

A) I can't comment on other writer's projects, but AWOTL was written as a serial from the get-go.

Q) I'm intrigued. How long is each part?

A​) Each part is roughly 15 printed pages and generally takes an adult 20 to 30 minutes to read. 

Q) Great. I like to premise of the story. So, when will new parts be available? 

A) Releases are every Monday and are available on our Amazon page.

Q) Why .99 cents per part? Seems high.

A) This is the minimum price set by Amazon. The "season" is made of up 35 parts, of which, there are 5 "episodes" or story arcs. Individual story arcs will be available for purchase one week after the arc completes. Complete episodes will be listed at a lower price than purchasing the parts individually.

Q) Okay... so why not release 5 episodes?

A) I believe that there is worth to the weekly serial experience. There is a tension and a different pace that is created vs. reading a novel.

For those who want to spend less and/or read an entire arc in one go, complete episodes will become available one week after a story arc completes.

Q) Fine.  So I have to wait for the story to complete to buy the whole thing?

A) Yes.

Q) Really?

A) Really, really.

Q) But how do I know you'll see this story through? I've been hurt before!!

A) It's okay, take deep cleansing breaths. The story is already complete and Season 2 is in process.

Q) But I thought serials were written week to week, so readers could influence the outcome.

A) Many are or were. For this project I had a clear idea of where I wanted to characters and the story to go. What I like about the serial format is the suspense and the excitement
of a weekly release.

Q) Will the work be available in print?

A) If there is demand, sure.


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