EPISODE 1: TWO MARINES: Complete episode, now available! (includes Parts 1 - 6) 

Now that his war in Afghanistan is over, former Marine, Andrew St George is looking for another one. Leaving behind the trappings of his wealthy Connecticut upbringing, he heads down to Miami to convince his former comrade, Emilio Cortez, to start a private security company. 

It's been five years since Emilio left the Corps after a drive-by shooting took the life of his baby brother. He's been working three menial jobs to support his extended family when Andrew shows up with his crazy scheme and talk of the good old days. Emilio isn't convinced until Andrew lands them their first private security job; guard duty protecting a Lamborghini being housed in a high-crime neighborhood. 

After an attempted break-in at the warehouse, bullets start to fly and the boys realize there is more to this job than is stated in the contract. Can they survive against a street gang and each other? 

EPISODE 2: MIAMI NIGHTS Complete episode, now available! (contains Parts 7 - 12) 

​​​Having survived their first job, Bay Water Security is in financial trouble. After a string of low paying clients, the boys are hard up and willing to take on anything. When "anything" comes in the form of a desperate night club owner and a shady insurance repo officer, the boys take the work, and try to up the ante. 

EPISODE 3: A TRIAL BY FIRE Complete episode, now available! (contains Parts 13 - 20) 

Andrew St George and Emilio Cortez land a high paying executive protection job, only to find out their new client, David Ross, is on trial for the rape and murder of the former police captain's young daughter. To make matters more complicated, Ross is a controversial land developer who's receiving death threats from an environmental extremist group. Stretched thin, Andrew and Emilio have to enlist the services of T-Bone, a former bodyguard and clubber, and Aelisa Coldorone, an underemployed actress looking for her next big role. 

As team Bay Water tries to protect their client, Andrew and Emilio learn that in order to save their client, they might just have to catch the murderer themselves. 

EPISODE 4: ALL IN THE FAMILIA Complete episode, now available! (contains Parts 21-27) 

As Andrew St George and Emilio Cortez recover from their last high-risk executive protection detail, they decide to take on some easy work while they train. Neither turn out the way the boys plan. Their training is interrupted by Emilio's old flame, Nora Jones, and their newest client is being spied on by another professional-for-hire. 

Adding to his stress, Emilio is called on to help out at his uncle's furniture business. On a routine delivery, Emilio and Andrew make a troubling discovery; a couch with a hidden cache of coke and guns. 

Now in the sights of local bangers, Andrew fears the gang will make example of Emilio during his sister's quinceañera.

EPISODE 5: FACES OF THE DEAD Complete episode, now available! (contains Parts 28-36) 

The thrilling conclusion to A Wolf On the Loose, Season 1!

Thinking they need a vacation, Andrew St George and Emilio Cortez agree to take on a cushy gig; going undercover as spring breakers so they can watch over Detective Peterson's daughter, Olivia, on her trip to Cancun. While the guys get close to her group of friends, Andrew and Olivia's personalities clash. Little do they know that Detective Peterson is being targeted by cartel foot soldiers and so is his daughter.