Mercedes Compton
Possibly a former Foreign Service agent, but definitely dangerous, Mercedes heads Browning & Crowne's Insurance Asset Recovery Division. She's looking for a few good repo men, but she'll settle for Andrew and Emilio. 

Detective Lewis Peterson

Gomez's partner and a senior detective, Peterson has seen it all. He was a local celebrity for catching a serial killer, but that was a long time ago.

​Now his daughter wants to become, in his opinion, a "dirty Fed."

Detective Serena Gomez
A junior detective with the Miami Police Department, Gomez worked in northern Miami for five years before joining the Criminal Investigations Section. She wants to prove herself, but in the right way.

Now her newest case is Emilio.

Arlene Baker 

Arlene's a transplanted country girl who came to Miami looking for some excitement. She's stuck being a secretary at a used car shop to pay the bills.

With her tousled red hair and thicker-than-average glasses, Arlene's got secrets and a twisted side. 
Dimitry Dementyev 

​Better known as "Derrick." He's a Russian with a thick tongue and fast fingers. A weekend warrior and LEET HaXoR by night, Derrick is looking for a way out of his crappy tech service job.

Emilio Cortez

Hailing from Miami, FL, Emilio was forced to quit the USMC after his brother Jimmy was killed in a drive by. Emilio's been busy working three jobs to support his mother, sister and grandparents, all of whom he lives with in a two bedroom apartment. 

Emilio is looking for a way out.
Andrew St George

Born to a rich New England family, Andrew St George is a former Marine Corps lieutenant that's now out of a job. Discharged from service after 8 years and 4 tours of duty, Andrew returns home, tattooed, scarred and dogged by his addiction to painkillers.
Now that his war is over, he's looking for another one.

More characters will be added as the series progresses!

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